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Morning Rundown

The Morning Rundown is served out at 5 am every day, with a rundown of business information to help you start your business day. This is good for decision-makers, MD/CEOs, SME owners, stock & cryptocurrency brokers, and decision makers across the economy your inbox at 2 pm.

BusinessDay Market Close

The BusinessDay Market Close is sent out at the close of every business day, and it provides you with the top stories that made Headlines during the course of the day. Now you don’t have to worry about missing out on the important news of the day.

BD Politics

BD Politics is your weekly guide that connects the dots of how politics in Nigeria affects economics and business— the allocation of scarce resources. Expect it every Monday morning in your inbox at 2pm.

Economics for Dummies

It’s a weekly roundup of major economic news with analysis of what it means for households and businesses.

Tech Brunch

Tech brunch goes out every Thursday, it’s a newsletter that serves you the juiciest stories in the technology world in the market. We look at the startups breaking borders, the telecom operators pushing digital inclusion, the policies that are shaping the market, and the individuals behind the innovations.


Hek (from Hekima or Hakeema, Swahili for wise, wisdom & decisiveness) brings you analytical commentary on the narratives behind the value of companies in Nigeria, whether established or startups, listed or private. Expect it every Friday in your inbox at 2 pm