Rack Centre plans to expand data centre by ten-fold

Rack Centre, an Africa-focused data centre company has disclosed plans of expanding its existing footprint and constructing a 12MW from 1.5MW IT data centre it currently supports.

According to the data centre the new build is a milestone as it expands company’s capacity by ten folds and consolidates its leadership as a major digital infrastructure hub in West Africa.

Ezekiel Egboye, chief operating officer of Rack Centre, said: “The company is delighted to be a part of the ongoing digital transformation on the continent, especially as more African businesses need more internet capacity to support their operations, ascertaining the company’s readiness to enable digital infrastructure by hosting a large number of hyperscalers, content, and cloud delivery networks, internet service providers at its facility.”

The new build known as Rack Centre LGS 2 data centre which is in the heart of Ikeja, with easy access to the main commercial areas of Lagos, will be situated on a 20,000 square metres green field site and sits at over 30 meters above sea level.”

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The company said that with this expansion, Rack Centre will have a net lettable space of 3,240 sqm and IT load of 13.5MW as against the current data centre, LGS1, which has an IT load of 1.5MW and a net lettable space of 1094 sqm.

Rack Centre’s rich ecosystem includes 60+ telecommunication carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), global Tier 1 networks, and pan Africa international carriers, including direct interconnections to all five undersea cables serving the South Atlantic Coast of Africa including Equiano and in the foreseeable future 2Africa and every country on the Atlantic coast of Africa.

Egboye added that “The Lagos Campus data centre has grown to be the largest carrier and cloud-neutral digital infrastructure hub in West Africa, and with this expansion, we intend on further growing our thriving ecosystem’’.

In June 2022, Rack Centre became the first International Finance Corporation (IFC) EDGE-certified data centre in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It is officially making this the first Green Certified Data Centre in Africa. It is the most connected facility in the region according to its PeeringDB ranking and links every country on Africa’s Atlantic coast.