The enemy within 2

All this time, a lot of people have been saying all kinds of things about my Uncle not knowing that the real devil was the one masked with a beautiful face, well polished nails and what we thought was a kind heart.

The startling confession or is it revelation was too overwhelming for me to handle. So while meeting with Uncle Bob to discuss the next line of action, I had a blackout and slipped into shock. I was out for a couple of days before I regained consciousness. This singular experience made me realize that I have a lot to be grateful for inspite of Aunty Susu’s wickedness.

I wish I could make her suffer and pay for what she did to my family but it wasn’t in my place to do that. I don’t have an evil bone in me and I can’t do anything to harm anybody. I am not that type of person.

As much as I was angry with Aunty Susu, I didn’t want to have her blood on my hands. Her ailment is enough punishment as it is and since she says she has turned to God, I guess I could as well leave her to Him.

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Uncle Bob thought I was lily livered. An attrocity has been committed and it doesn’t matter if the perpetrator was his wife. He expected me to take my own pound of flesh. He was an angry man and it was as if something had taken over him and his quest for revenge. He had a plan and nothing was going to stop him from carrying it out. When I asked Uncle Bob what his plan was, he responded that, “the mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine”. I didn’t understand what that meant and I made it clear to him that I wasn’t part of it.

He wanted me to visit a powerful Dibia with him but I vehemently refused. “This is the same Dibia that gave you back your life when this Susu witch tried to kill you and you don’t want set your eyes on him again”, my Uncle barked at me.
I love Uncle Bob to the moon and back, I respect him a lot but he wasn’t going to blackmail me into doing something I would regret.

When he realized that there was no convincing me to go with him, Uncle Bob decided to travel alone. While he was away, Aunty Susu came to see me with some elders from her church. She was a shadow of herself not just because of her health but because of the guilt she bore. She told the story of how she met my father and was attracted to him but the feeling wasn’t mutual, he was rather drawn to her friend who happened to be my mother. When she got married to Uncle Bob, she did that because she thought wealth ran in their family only to realize that my father was the richer brother. In a fit of anger, she expressed her feelings to a friend who promised to help her take care of the situation. The plan was for my dad to die but she was shocked herself when the charm started taking everyone in the family. She was genuinely worried and wanted to go back to the woman that made the charm but at this point the situation was complicated. Her friend had died while having a baby and she (Aunty Susu) couldn’t find her way back to the place in okija where the woman was. I could not believe what I was hearing. It was like a story from the movies but it was the true story of my life.

I forgave Aunty Susu. It was a hard thing for me to do but I knew I had to. I called Uncle Bob and implored him to let old wounds heal but he added that the “scars will still remain”. He didn’t travel to the village for nothing. Susu wasn’t ready for what was coming. The pain she was going through because of her health was nothing compared to what he was bringing to her. She will beg for death and she will not see it. Uncle Bob was coming to her with fire. Nothing I said was going to make him change his mind.

Well, it’s been four years since Uncle Bob died in a car accident on his way from seeing the Dibia. We were told that everyone involved in that accident came out unscathed or with minor injuries except him. He was pronounced DOA (dead on arrival) at the hospital. One thing he had in common with my father was his stubbornness and this is what led to his untimely death.

This is four years after Aunty Susu’s confession and she is still alive. Still battling with her health but living one day at a time. Who would have thought that the villain would live and the good guy will die.

So, I hope you picked something from my story. Sometimes it is better to let go of certain things or situations not because you’re a fool but because it’s the wise thing to do